Car Air Con Myths Debunked

Image of air vents in a car.

Car Air Con Myths Debunked

Having air con installed in our cars in one of the best modern-day technologies we could have inside our vehicles. A summer day saver and a window clearer, this little gadget is a very useful thing for drivers and passengers alike. However, like most technology these days, air conditioning systems in our vehicles come with their fair share of myths and misconceptions.

Here we break down three of the most common misconceptions about the air con systems in our cars.

Myth #1: “Aren’t Windows Are More Efficient?”

You may be thinking ‘If I can open my windows to cool me down then I don’t really need to use my air con to do that’. Of course, opening your windows will let the air blow into your vehicle, but that doesn’t come without some efficiency issues. When you open your window that allows the air to increase drag by creating an air tunnel. This means that your car will be getting pushed back by the air, working harder to keep going forward. When this happens your fuel consumption will increase, with the exact effect varying from different types of car. Air con does need power to run, so having that on will take up a portion of fuel efficiency. Tests have been done by various companies about open windows vs air con in regards to fuel consumption.

The results show that opening the windows over 50mph uses more fuel than if you were to use air con at the same speed or over. It mostly comes down to personal preference, if you don’t want to have your hair blowing around and the loud noise of the wind, then use your air con! And if you are going at a low speed and want to experience more of the outside elements then open your windows!

Image of two men in a car, on driving and one adjusting the air conditioning vents.

Myth #2: “Isn’t Air Con Just For Summer?”

Your air con can help you out all year long, not just when it’s hot in the summer. Those mornings that you get in your car and your windscreen is all fogged up can be easily sorted out with a quick blast of your air con. If you don’t use your air con regularly than the coolant in the system won’t circulate around the lubrication won’t be able to work as it should. Turning it on also gets rid of any moisture build-up. If these build-ups are left then they will become a breeding ground for mould and bacteria to grow.

Myth #3: “Doesn’t Air Con Only Keep Your Car Cool?”

Everyone knows it’s called air ‘conditioning’ but what does that really mean? The air con system conditions the air, meaning that it removes excess humidity from the air whilst cooling it at the same time. To get a better idea of how that works, think of when you turn on a fan – that doesn’t remove the heat from the air, it just blows the existing air around. The conditioning element of an air conditioner actually gets rid of the heat from the existing air and blows it around to give you a better cooling experience.

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