Air Conditioning – Why You Need it Serviced

Image of a person driving a Renault car in bright sunshine.

Air Con Service – A Summer Essential

Nothing can spoil a road trip more than an air conditioning system that doesn’t work properly. An air con service is required on a regular basis.  Hot days travelling to nature hotspots, the beach, or to a different city aren’t as pleasant when you’re sweltering in your leather seats in dire need of some cool air blasting at you. Even on cold days, your air-con is important. It saves time and effort trying to demist your windscreen, and keeps it ready and working for when it turns hot in the summer again.

Unfortunately, air-con systems aren’t included in your annual MOT and service. It’s not included in them as the purpose of the MOT is to ensure the vehicle complies to the DVSA guidelines and is safe to drive on the road. Whether your air conditioning system works well or not, isn’t critical enough to deem if your vehicle is safe to drive. Your vehicle manufacturer may offer an air-con recharge as a separate service, which is recommended to have done about every 2 years.

5 Reasons to Service Your Air Conditioning System

If you use your air conditioning system frequently or rarely, it’s still important to have it working as best it can. Here are 5 reasons why you should get your air-con system serviced, no matter how often you use it.

  1. On-Demand Cold Air – Turning on your air-con to cool you down is more efficient than opening up your window to let the wind flow through when driving at high speeds. You can get the exact amount of air control and temperature that you need without the loudness and drag that opening your window gives you. Having an aircon service regularly, will ensure that when you need the cool air on you, you will get cool air and not have to be uncomfortable in the heat or experience the factors that come with open windows.
  2. Road Damage – The air conditioning condenser is normally placed at the front of your car so that it can take in the air from under the bonnet. Because of this, it is subject to damage from stones and debris as you drive around. If significant damage is made, it could cause the condenser to be indented and make the gas leak out through the vents. The hoses, sensors or other parts would possibly have to be repaired which could be costly.
  3. Fuel Efficiency – If your air conditioning refrigerant is low then it could actually be reducing the efficiency of your fuel. When it’s low and you have the air-con turned on, the system works harder to try and create cool air. When it does this it uses additional fuel that wouldn’t be used if the refrigerant was sufficiently topped up.
  4. Odour and Bacteria – If you turn on your air-con and you are hit with an unpleasant smell coming from the vents, it could mean that there’s a build-up of bacteria in the system. The conditions that the air cons evaporator creates is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. If you experience the unpleasant smell when turning your air-con on, it’s more than likely that you have mould and fungi built up in the evaporator. This means that having this air spread around your vehicle will carry the spores from the bacteria and could cause you or your passengers to get ill.
  5. Neglect – Lastly, if you neglect your vehicle’s air conditioning system and don’t have an air con service every 2 years as recommended it could put unnecessary stress on the system. Like any other system or part of your car, if it is neglected it could cause problems and ultimately cause failures. Keeping it serviced will ensure it runs smoothly and won’t cause any problems when you need it most.

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