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If you are looking for air conditioning services in Plymouth, then Plymouth Radiators are a leading company in the industry. It’s the perfect time of year to get your vehicles air conditioning checked, as we approach the summer months. It’s not widely known, but the air filters on your vehicle should be replaced at least every year or every 12,000-15,000 miles, whichever comes first. If you frequently drive in dusty or dirty conditions, it is advisable to change your filters more often.

Air conditioning improves air quality and if you don’t have air conditioning to cool you down, driving can be ans uncomfortable and possibly horrible and can be a dangerous experience. The most obvious benefit of using air conditioning within your vehicle is the comfort that it brings. Using the vehicle’s air conditioning means that you no longer have to struggle in the unbearable heat of being in a car during the hottest days of the year. Rather than having to open your windows and making your ears pop, you can keep cool by using the air conditioning.

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Air Conditioning Improves Air Quality

Air conditioning systems help to filter out pollen, dust and other pollutants, as well as regulate the temperature within your vehicle. This is beneficial for occupants of the car who regularly suffer from allergies and respiratory issues. It can also help to reduce humidity, which helps to prevent mould and bacteria growth. You must keep up-to-date with your car’s air conditioning to ensure that it operates to the best of its ability during the summer months. Regularly maintaining your car’s air conditioning system will ensure optimal performance. Failure to maintain your air conditioning system may cause other problems and will reduce your car’s ability to run efficiently.

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Reduce Costly Repairs

Regularly maintaining your air conditioning system will minimise long-term costs. Maintenance costs are often lower than when your car’s air conditioning system breaks down completely. Efficient air conditioning can, believe it or not, stop you worrying about your fuel bills. When the air conditioning refrigerant dips to a lower level, the air conditioning system starts to work overtime to produce colder air, therefore costing you more. It’ll also keep you healthier. By avoiding the build-up of bacteria which comes from a faulty system, you can avoid allergic reactions and sore throats.

Many cars now have climate control as standard, ensuring optimum comfort all year round, which relies on your air conditioning working properly.

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Our Team Provides the Following Vehicle Air Conditioning Services In Plymouth

Our team are City and Guilds qualified for refrigerant and gas handling and have over 3 decades of experience in carrying out air conditioning repairs on commercial and domestic vehicles. Our comprehensive air conditioning service includes:

  • Full air conditioning system check and test.
  • Full service and re-gassing of air con system (includes oil, fluorescent dye, R134A and 1234YF gases).
  • New pollen filters supplied and fitted.
  • Heater blower components supplied and fitted (When required).
  • Full 30-minute cockpit sanitisation (Includes smell fresh deodoriser).
  • Mould and bacteria clearing.

We can also supply and fit switches, compressors, evaporators and condensors. As well as offering air conditioning servicing, we can also carry out winter checks and general servicing including cooling system component replacement, thermostat servicing and an anti-freeze check and replacement.


Choose Plymouth Radiators for your air conditioning service in Plymouth. Our skilled technicians can repair and diagnose faults with your car’s air conditioning. We are experienced, trusted, experienced vehicle air conditioning experts, based in Plymouth, Devon. We can help you get the best out of your vehicle, with our range of vehicle radiator repair, air conditioning and number plates services.

To find out more about our services call us on 01752 666402 or visit our contact page to get in touch. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be able to get you back on the right track with your vehicle in Devon.