Entrusting your vintage or classic car to be repaired can be quite harrowing, but making sure that you are employing a professional, can be reassuring. Even if you are a classic car fanatic, with an interest in classic car restoration, there are some jobs that only professionals should carry out. One of the most important of these being classic car radiator repair.

Classic cars are never out of sight, out of mind, so ensuring that your pride and joy is away from you for the shortest amount of time is especially important. Choosing a company skilled in vintage car radiator repairs, will not only give you the most cost-effective result but be completed in the best possible time, with the best possible result.

To Be Repaired Or Not Repaired, That Is The Question.

classic car radiator repair

With so many differing radiator styles, materials, and designs, you will have some options that will be presented to you based on your needs. This could be repair options or in some cases, a rebuild of your radiator. Whether you have a cracked classic car radiator, an undiagnosed fault to fix, or simply want your radiator rebuilt to higher standards, a professional will have the best answer.

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Do You Need A Classic Car Radiator Recore?


Over time, classic car radiators can become clogged up or become punctured inside, through age or use. Often a radiator can have too many holes and leaks to be repaired, this is where the radiator will need to be recored. This involves removing side panels and tanks, and replacing where needed.

Your current classic radiator can be refitted with anything from original style tinned cores to honeycomb, or cellular film cores. If you are seeking a more economical option, cores such as packed reconstruction and GOT can be used to give higher efficiency. Keeping the look and feel of your classic or vintage car is paramount, so classic car specialists such as Plymouth Radiators, will ensure that the original look is maintained. Due to corrosion and deterioration from age, recoring is one of the most popular services on classic cars to increase performance and efficiency, whilst keeping component changes to a minimum.

Something to note is that If your classic car radiator can be repaired without the need for a recore, it is always wise to find out just how long the repairs will last and if the repair cost outweighs the cost of recoring.

Other Types Of Classic Car Radiator Repairs

Classic car radiators can develop countless other faults due to their age and mileage, with specialists such as Plymouth Radiators offering a full range of services to bring your radiator back to its former glory. Using diagnostic tools and carrying out tests such as pressure and flow testing, a wide variety of servicing tasks can be carried out, including:

• Tube and bottom tank repairs
• Tube plate overhauling
• Copper and brass core leak repairs
• Filler neck repairs
• Fan replacement
• Hose checking

If you’d like to learn more about classic car radiator repair or recore services please call our workshop on 01752 666402 or call in if you’re in the Plymouth area. You can find Plymouth Radiators at 55 Holly Court, St. Modwen Road, Parkway Industrial Estate, Plymouth. We’re open from 08:30 until 17:30 Monday to Friday and from 08:30 until 12:00 on Saturday.